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Mar 1 2015, 09:42 PM
The days varied from warm to cool here in Riverview lately. It was like a see-saw on a playground, up and down and no telling where it would stop for a few days. Lahni was enjoying the cool air outside with the windows rolled down in car with a cherry-filled iced donut in her hand, taking small bites to make it last. Jake had a similar donut, and the two of them chit chatted until something came over the radio telling them they had to go question someone in connection with the recent burst of graffiti that had come over the town like a tidal wave.

Not just any graffiti, but really magnificent paintings on the sides of buildings that cropped up overnight with no witnesses. Some people painted over them as soon as possible. Others enjoyed the look on their building, like Doc, the diner owner. He actually thanked the graffiti artist in the paper, telling them it was great work and he appreciated the paint job. Lahni got a kick out of that, when she read it in the ad section.

Now they were off to question Greyson Decker. Not something Lahni was looking forward to. The eldest Decker brother was sniffing around her twin, trying to worm his way into her heart, and Lahni wanted to punch him every time she saw him. Travis, the middle Decker, was dating her friend Sera and he was a dickhead who thought he was big shit because he was in the army. Kalahni hadn't met the third Decker brother but she figured if he was anything like the others she didn't want to meet him.

“This guy's probably got a latte machine and a scarf around his neck, and manicured nails. Artists, what a stuck up bunch of pricks jerking off over each other.” Lahni muttered, as she finished her donut. Jake started laughing and almost choked on his, as they drove down the street out of town towards the river where Greyson Decker had a cabin and a workshop studio. Jake smirked and said "You have no idea, Lahni. No idea what we're getting into."

Pulling up to the cabin, Lahni noticed that there was a big trashy barn out to the side of the property. “Surely that's not where he works, is it?” She asked, and Jake smiled. “You really are going to be eating your words about Greyson. I'm saving it so I can see the look on your face.” Lahni frowned. “What do you mean?” Jake got out of the car and started walking up to the cabin. “You'll see.” Lahni followed and knocked on the door, waiting for a bit. Not getting an answer but seeing a vehicle in the driveway, Lahni started towards the barn. “Maybe he's out here.”

She avoided the shitty scraps of metal that was everywhere around the barn and she proceeded to knock on the door, then stepped inside, hearing noise. “Mr. Decker? I'm Officer Lahni Rose, this is my partner Jake Talon. I'd like to ask you a few questions if it's not a bad time for you.
Mar 4 2013, 12:49 PM
Today being her day off, Kalahni wanted to get the most sun in she could. So she decided to go to the park and hang out there for a little bit. She bought a cookie sandwich from the little stand that was usually set up there, and went to sit on the merry go round.

There were no kids here today, it being a Tuesday, but she liked the quiet. She pushed the merry go round with one hand and then jumped on, sitting cross legged on the middle part of the merry go round. She hadn't had time for playing like this when she was old enough to do it. So she got it in when she could now.

Kalahni sat there, thinking about Ryder and how he said he was going to take care of her and how they'd be friends. She didn't think so, on either account. He was her rival, and if he got the job he'd be one of her bosses. She sighed and bit into the cookie, enjoying the frosting middle. This was complicated.
Feb 28 2013, 08:14 PM
The weather was mild and breezy here by the sea. There was occasional cold weather but down here it was usually warm and nice almost year round. Lahni liked it here for that reason. She could sit on the beach and collect shells, watch the tide go in and out, whenever she wanted. Well, when she wasn't at work. She had been helping her sister out at the shop selling "pirate booty" which was crystal necklaces and things of that nature. Now she was hoping to become a cop.

Kalahni stood in line, waiting for the donuts. She figured she could take a box in to the boys in blue and see about that job that she had applied for. She knew it was down to her and the Sheriff's cousin. Nepotism would win, she was pretty sure, but she was the one more qualified for the job, she was sure.

Once she got up to the donut rack she started putting jelly donuts in the box. Chocolate ones, cream filled, long johns, you name it. Cops liked donuts and she was no exception to the rule. Someone came up beside her and she accidentally knocked into them. "I'm sorry....' She said, looking up to see who it was. The jelly donut had smooshed in her hand and the raspberry filling was leaking out making it look like she held a bloody heart in her hand in tissue paper.
Jan 15 2013, 05:22 PM
The Winter Festival was a much anticipated event every year. After the rush and business of the holidays it was nice to just kick back and enjoy one's self at the festival. There were snowball fights, snowman building contests, dancing, lots of food and drinks at various booths and a good time to be had by all.

All except the police force and EMS workers who had to be on duty and patrol the festival instead of participating. Lahni and Jake were standing on point in case someone needed help. They of course looked over the whole festival and patrolled but right now they were taking a break with a nice cup of hot chocolate with mint and marshmallows in it.

Lahni looked bored, which she was. She wished she could go look at the craft booths a bit more closely. She would when she got nearer to off duty time. Jake would cover for her. Right now they were looking at the kids throwing snowballs and making sure no one put rocks in them like Terrance Sutton did one year and about killed someone when he pegged them with it. He had been aiming for a tree but someone got in the way, was his story. No one believed him.

Speaking of Terrance, he was sauntering up to Lahni right now and she did her best not to roll her eyes in case he had actual police business to discuss. "Hey sexy." Jake smirked and winked to Lahni. "Hey yourself Terrance." He said, and Terrance scowled. He didn't like people insinuating he was a homo. He slid his hand up the back of Lahni's thigh and put his hand on her ass. "Why don't you and me go get a drink and snuggle in one of those igloos they built when you're off duty, Lahni?"

Lahni handed her cup to Jake, and then had Terrance's hand behind him before he knew what was what. "Listen here real good. You put your hand on my ass again and I'll arrest you for assaulting an officer. You got me?" She raised her eyebrow as Terrance grunted, then she pushed him and let him go. She took her cup back from Jake and took a sip, sighing and looking out over the festival again while Terrance went away with his pride broken and his arm hurting.
Nov 17 2012, 09:10 PM
There was a cool breeze that chilled Kalahni as she made her way to Flynn's. The starlight was blocked out by clouds, and the moon peeked out once in a while to show her face. Kalahni had decided to show off her boobs for Ryder's last night and bought a new corset vest that suited Kaliah more than her, but she wanted to look pretty for his sendoff.

She walked in and looked around. Not seeing him there yet she snagged a table and started going over the menu that the waitress brought. There was all sorts of drinks and food on there. She hadn't really paid attention to the menu before now but tonight they were ordering seriously and she wanted to be up to snuff on it.
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