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Jan 11 2017, 08:46 AM
Footsteps crunched on the snow that had fallen that week, as the lone figure walked through the snow and ice on the sidewalks of the Main street in the tiny town. Her fingers, with their delicately manicured nails, were stuffed into the pockets of her oh so fashionable pink peacoat that covered her, helping to fight off the bitter chill that threatened to have her start shivering.

Thoughts plagued her mind. Doubts about herself, about her safety, about the safety of everyone around her, filled her. Even her very sanity was questioned, at this point. Things were being moved, in her home. She knew they were. Things were simply not where she remembered leaving them, when she came home from the bakery, day after day, since the day after Christmas. Thoughts that Vihaan had found her, that he would hurt someone she cared about, chased each other around in her head. She had spoken with Lahni, who assured her that Vihaan did not know where she was, that Lahni's phone had been destroyed after the reading at the library on Christmas Eve, and that Liah was perfectly safe.

Liah wasn't so sure of that, herself.

She needed something to do, something to take her mind off of all of this, that they were supposed to have left behind in Hawaii, when they moved halfway across the country to escape Vihaan's reign of terror. Liah only had so many skills, to offer. She looked good in lingerie and jewelry. She could sing and dance, and if pushed, could act decently. And she could bake. Of those, she really only felt like baking, or at least preparing food of some sort. Maybe learn Mexican cooking? That might be something enjoyable. James' family was Mexican, she recalled. Maybe she would be able to make his Mama something that she might like, someday?

The local Hispanic bakery loomed on the horizon, and Liah huffed a breath, and headed towards the building, the warmth from the ovens and the heating hitting her like a brick wall, as she opened the door. She had never met the man who ran this store before, but she had heard a lot about him. Good-natured, excellent at what he did, and mostly from her friends, hot as all hell. Kaliah saw him when she entered, and she took in his appearance. So, the reports were accurate, on that front.

Liah gave him a smile in greeting. “Hi, there,” She started, standing barely taller than the display racks that his food was kept in. “I'm Kaliah.....I run the other bakery in town.” Liah wanted to be up front with who she was and why she was here. She didn't want there to be any misconstrued thoughts about her stealing his recipes. “I...uh....I know this is probably a little out of the ordinary for another baker to ask you this, but....”

Liah looked at the food that was in the case and it all looked amazing. She didn't know what half of it was, if it was sweet or savory even. Looking back up at the man, she smiled slightly. “I'd really appreciate it if you could teach me about Hispanic food, even just a little.” Holding up her hands a bit, which were shaking from the nerves that had plagued her since Christmas, Liah tried to explain herself. “I am not looking to expand my business, or steal your recipes, in any way. I....”

Running a hand over her hair, which was pulled up in a long ponytail today, Liah looked a little troubled. “I moved here to get away from some things in my life that I wanted to leave behind. And I can't stop being afraid that they've followed us here. I just want an hour or two a week, just to relax and take my mind off things, and have a good time. Maybe learn a few things in the process....although......no guarantees there. I'm not too good with making actual food, just baking things, so....” Liah smirched her mouth to one side. “You're probably going to tell me you don't do lessons....and I understand totally.”

Outfit with longer top and no belly button ring
Feb 11 2014, 11:03 PM
Kaliah strutted down the street in her new corset, to the wolf whistles of the local men. She waved, laughing, as she made her way down to the bar as the streetlights lit up. The sun was just going down and there was a cool breeze coming off the ocean bringing with it the smell of the salty air. Kaliah breathed it in and sighed, happily, running a hand through her hair, wondering if she had enough courage to go in again and see James. He was the bartender she went in to see night after night, hoping to have it lead to something more.

Pushing the door open, the first thing that hit her was cigarette smoke, and she wrinkled her nose a bit. That was the way with all bars though. She sauntered up to the counter to her regular stool and climbed up on it, reaching across the counter and tapping her fingernails on the wooden bar once James was near enough to talk to. “Well hello there, handsome. Happy Valentine's Day! How's your day been?” She sat up straight again and tried to decide on a drink for the night.

“I'm torn between a beer and a black barracuda Darlin. Black barracuda's tastier on the whole but nothin beats a beer after a long hard day at work....” She sighed and looked to the man behind the counter, staring up into James' eyes. “What do you think I should have, Darlin? I'll trust your bartender instincts.”
Feb 10 2014, 07:05 PM
The cool breeze brought in the salt smell of the ocean to the docks where the people were gathered for a party. It was a pirate themed valentine's day extravaganza with the townsfolk dressing up in costume, some better than others, and everyone enjoying themselves. A theatre troop was putting on play acts for the public on the pirate ships, pretending to fight and take prisoners from the crowd from time to time, only to have to let them go for one reason or another. A live band was playing and it was a fun time for all involved, pretty much.

Kaliah was dressed in her black and gold pirate outfit, with boots up to her knees. She waved her plastic sword around and bumped hips with the pirate captain when he came to kidnap girls. “Take Lahni, she'll put up a good fight.” Kaliah pointed out her sister who was dressed in a more modest pirate costume. The Captain grinned and put his arm around Kaliah. “Why don't I take you?” Kaliah grinned. “Because if you take me you won't have to bother taking anyone else because you'll have the best there is and the game will be over. You don't want that.” The Captain laughed and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “True enough, Kaliah, true enough!”

Kaliah watched as he left and wandered up to the stand to get something to eat. She decided on a nachos with lots of cheese and sour cream and beef on it. Hefting a chip to her mouth she looked around trying to see who was free to flirt with today. She wanted to dance, really, and have someone romance her off her feet. It was valentine's day after all.
Mar 3 2013, 06:51 PM
It was a warm balmy day and Kaliah would rather be outside than inside, but she had business to tend to. The wind blew in a salty scent from the sea and brought a cool chill of the ocean along with it. Her corset was warm. as were her jeans. Warm enough, in the weather, anyway.

Kaliah wandered along the tiled hallway of the mall, looking in the shops with a careful eye. She wanted to scope out her competitor's shop and maybe do a little shopping of her own in the meantime. She needed some new shoes. Maybe. Possibly. If anything caught her eye, that was. Maybe she'd buy something for Kalahni. That woman needed some fashion, she wore that uniform far too often and was covered from head to toe.

Stopping at the coffee stand, Kaliah got a frozen macchiatto and got them to put extra whip on it. It was a Saturday, who was counting calories today? She certainly wasn't. Tucking her wallet back into her purse, she started down another hallway, getting closer to the competitor's shop with every step.
Dec 10 2012, 02:14 PM
Kaliah was asleep in her bed, safe and sound. Or at least, that's what she thought she was. In reality she was getting tied to the head and foot board of her bed with scarves. She was shaken awake, and she looked up to see Kevin above her, naked wearing gloves. She started to scream but he stuffed her panties in her mouth. “No, Ranthie. No one's going to come save you. Not Lahni, not her faggot husband, not that faggot cop you're so into that hates your guts.” He nodded when her eyes went wide. 'Oh yes, I know all about him. Think you would get the hint but no, Ranthie has to be stubborn. Well I'm going to do you a favor. I'm going to ruin you for other men. No one will want you but me, Ranthie. Never get looked at again, never get whistled at. No, you're going to be hideous.”

Kaliah shook her head and a sob came out around the panties. He stroked his hand down her cheek. “It's for your own good Ranthie. Really, I promise.” He had her butcher knife out of the block it went in, and it gleamed in the light from the overhead. She shook her head no again, pleading with him around the panties, but it did no good. He started making slices down her chest, over her breasts, and down her stomach, putting lemon juice over them as he worked. She jerked back and forth, screaming into the panties, but it was for nothing. He got a little too excitable and put on a condom, entering her violently and jerking hard against her. She was crying tears of rage as he came, and put the condom in a baggie. “No trace, they won't prove its me. I've got an alibi too, my new girlfriend is covering for me. She's a stupid slut.” He went back to the cuts and lemon juice, until hours, and a few rapes, later, her whole front of her body was covered.

He turned her over and tied her again, and she fought but she had lost blood and wasn't as strong as he was. He started making the cuts down her legs and over her ass, and then had an idea. He broke the leg off of one of her chairs and stuffed it up her ass, raping her cruelly with the chair leg. He used the broken side so there were pieces of wood left inside her, and she was bruised and bleeding in her intestines. He did the same for her vagina, hurting her even more. For the last insult, he carved the word “whore” into her back longways from the small of her back to her shoulders. There was no way any man would ever want to look at her again. Kevin had done his job well. He picked up her phone, looking out the window as the first rays of dawn came over the horizon. He dialed the first person in her contact list and said “You'd better come help Kaliah. She's at home.” He hung up the phone and dropped it, then got his clothes on and left before whoever “Brenna” was could get there.

Brenna rushed right over to Kaliah's apartment to find her door unlocked. She came in and there was no sign of her, until she got to the bedroom. Kaliah was naked, spread-eagle face down on the bed, and the sheets and mattress were soaked in blood. Some had run down on the floor. Brenna immediately called 911 and tried to describe the scene as she got some towels to stop the worst of the bleeding. “Please hurry, I don't know how long she has...”
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